Monday, June 20, 2011

This cake was too fun. I am always up for a challenge and this cake was just that. When Lori showed me the cake she wanted me to make for her and her husbands birthday I was excited. It has real grapes on top, I thought that would be a fun touch for a birthday celebration at a wine bar. She wanted italian cream cake which I must say was a first for me but it turned out really yummy. I love being able to add new flavors to my list of can dos. I hope you guys had a fun time celebrating your 40th birthdays together, which I think is really awesome that you got to do. Happy Birthday Brian and Lori!! Thank you for this really cool opportunity!


I was honored to make this wedding cake. When Miss Hannah asked me to be a part of her and Brads big day in such an amazing way I was so excited. I love this cake, it was simple and elegant and thats just what she wanted. Thank you Hannah for letting me make your wedding cake! Congrats to you and Brad, you two are truely one of the sweetest couples I've ever had the honor of meeting!

Pocketbooks and Shoes

As if making cake and decorating them wasn't fun enough but lately I have been able to make some really fun cakes. I was asked to do this cake by combining three different ideas from other cakes and the finished product was so cute. When Kristi came and picked up the cake her reaction was priceless, I was so nervous for days about what it would turn out looking like and what she would think, but she loved it. I hope her daughter loved it as well! I know I have said it before but being a part of someones day in such a neat way is so rewarding. I was on cloud nine all day from her reaction! Thank you Kristi for the amazing opportunity and I'm so happy you loved it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Braylee turns 1!

I was so excited to do this cake. I was asked to come up with something with these colors for a sweet little girls 1st birthday party. The cake was strawberry and 1/2 the cupcakes were strawberry as well and the other 1/2 were white. Happy 1st Birthday to sweet little Braylee and thank you to her mom Samantha for letting me be a part of her big day in such an awesome way!

Hello Kitty

I was asked to do a Hello Kitty cake for a sweet little girls 7th birthday. When her mom Cathy sent me the invitation I just knew it needed to match it. I think it turned out really cute. The top tier was white and the bottom was chocolate...yummy! Happy Birthday Emily!!

It's A Boy!

I was honored when my sister-in-law asked me to make the cake for her baby shower. She wanted a belly cake. This was my first ever belly cake and it was so much fun. It turned out adorable I think and I think she really liked it, which made it even better. Congrats Jamie on baby Hampton, I can't wait to get my hands on my sweet nephew!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Cake

Here is a cake I made for my sister-in-law's birthday lunch.

Minnie Mouse

This is a Minnie Mouse themed cake. Its pink on the inside, pink on the outside with white dots just as the birthday princess asked for. She also wanted her name on it and I threw in the bow as an added touch because, you can't have a minnie mouse cake without a bow! Thank you Zack for getting me to make this cake for your Princess Maddie! It was a lot of fun to make and I sure hope little Maddie enjoyed her pink Minnie Mouse cake :)

Did you say goat?

I had a request for a goat cake....yes goat. It's a joke with someone that she works with and they all went in and bought him this for his birthday. It's too funny! I was really unsure of how it was going to turn out but in the end, I think it looked pretty cute!! Thank you Crystal for this really cool opportnity to make this cake!!

Red Velvet

This is a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

Beach Birthday Cake

Beach Theme birthday cake. Top tier is pink lemonade cake, middle is chocolate, and the bottom is white cake. The small shells are edible, they are made out of white chocolate. Thank you Elizabeth for the opportunity to make this georgeous cake!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congrats with a Cherry on Top! This was a devils food cake with vanilla buttercream icing. It was 4 layers on the inside, yummy. This cake was lots of fun to make, all the cherries are made out of fondant, it was such a cute theme for a bridal shower. It was based off of that cute ribbon they found to use as decorations.

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder birthday cake. This was "sprinkle" cake on the inside, just as the sweet birthday boy requested. Happy Birthday Clay, I hope you loved your cake, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!
I apologize for the neglect of this page. I am going to do my best to update it and keep it that way. I am going to start with my most recent cakes and just go back from there! I hope you enjoy what you see and I would love for you to contact me in the future for any cake need you may have. I LOVE what I do and I am so thankful to all of you who have made it possible! Thank you for following! Carrie Pugh

Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fishing Cake

This cake was a lot of fun, the girl who order this for her husbands birthday simply ordered a fishing cake so I was able to just go with it. I thought the finished product was cute!

Zebra Cake
This was for a retirement party that was a safari animal theme.

Twilight Cake

Sweet 16

50th Birthday Cake