Saturday, August 28, 2010

Football Cake

I was asked to do this football cake for a special customer who uses me for all her cakes (and this makes me very happy...thank you!). They are huge football fans and at first I wasn't really sure how it would look when I added in the blue and orange. I think it turned out really cute!


A friend of mines little girl Sydney is into Barbie. So for her birthday last month she wanted a Barbie party. I really didn't want to do the traditional Barbie skirt cake so I took her invitation which was covered in dots, shoes, pocketbooks and a pair of sunglasses to pick out the decorations for the cake. I figured what better way to celebrate Barbie than with her accessories. I added a few flowers to the cake and sat miss Barbie on top and here is how it turned out! I thougth it looked so good with the table cloth that went with her decorations, the colors matched perfect and I think little Syd was excited about all the new shoes and accessories she had for her Barbie dolls. This cake was SO much fun for me!! When I was young I was a huge Barbie fan and I still have all the Holiday Barbies my grandmother use to buy me (ok lets be honest, I still have all the Barbies I ever had). It made me want to be 10 again, I actually sent a picture message to my bestfriend and asked her if she was ready to play Barbies again! Oh to be little again...haha!

A special girl!

For 19 years I was the only girl on my dads side of the family, how I wished for a little girl to come along. Then finally came a very special girl, my sweet cousin Claire! I was so excited to get to do her birthday cake this year! She showed me pictures of what she wanted and here is the final product (sorry for the dark picture) . I think she was very happy with it because she gave me the biggest and sweetest hug I think I have ever recieved! I love you Miss Claire and thank you for letting me do your birthday cake.

Birthdays for 2 special ladies..

June is quite a special month for my husband and I. Both of our moms birthdays are in this month. My mom LOVES flowers and she loves my basket weave cakes; so it was simple and I made her a basket of flowers out of cake and I also made one layer of her cake chocolate and one white! It was so yummy. I was absolutly honored when I was asked to make my mother-in-laws cake. I wasn't really sure how to decorate it but I had seen a cake like this and I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make it. I thought it was something she would like and I think it turned out so neat!

My sweet boy turns 4!

My big boy turns 4! He loves super heros of all types. Buzz and Woody, Spiderman, Batman, Superman...he loves them all. He wanted to have a Batman birthday party again but we did that for his 3rd birthday. Batman is at the top of his list but I was able to talk him out of Batman. He decided on Buzz & Woody but later added Spiderman to it, he wanted both, since we had his party at the Little Gym and he picked to do the space theme we went with Buzz and Woody for his party. The night before his birthday I made him the Spiderman cake, when he woke up he got a big surprise and we ate his Spiderman cake for breakfast! I figure you only turn 4 once, so why not?!?

Boys and Girls Celebrate!!

The baseball cake was made for a very special friends little brother. He won his T-ball championship! They wanted a baseball cake to celebrate and I thought this idea was perfect for the occassion. Congrats team Dino-Mytes and sweet little Asher!
I made the princess cake for a simply adorable little girl Mackenzie. At first when her mom wanted her to have a princess cake I simply thought it was beacause it was the theme of the party but I then found out it was beacuse she is 2010s Tiny Miss Trinity, I thought that was too cool! Congratulations again to Mackenzie!

Healed by the Hand of God!

There is a very special lady at church that I simply admire. She fought cancer simply with God on her side. She came to church faithfully even when she felt bad, even when she was tired; Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wed night you would see Miss Hattie at church. She got the news that she did not have cancer any more and we know that it was healed by the hand of God. So we had a surprise congratulations party for her after church one Sunday. I was asked to make her a cake and I wanted to do something special. After doing research on the net I found out that purple was the color for cancer survivors. So in return this is what I did for her! Praise God for her healing, he is so good!

Mother Daughter Banquet

This year my mom wanted me to help her put together a Mother Daughter Banquet for all the beautiful moms and daughters at church. So we did just that and had a blast doing it. It was asked if I would make a cake so I did. I thought that the ladies (and daughters) deserved a very special cake for our first ever MDB so I came up with the cake you see here. It turned out better than I had imagined and it was yummy too!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Specialty items...

Here are some special items I have made. The cookies with the purple icing were chocolate chip cookies that I made for a friend, she opened her own photography studio and had a grand opening and I was simply honored to be a part of such a big deal for her! The big egg was a peanut butter filled chocolate egg I made for my husband for Easter since his favorite candy of all time is Reese Peanut Butter cups. Also here are some cake balls. I can do them in any combination you may want. My nephew did not want a cake for his 11th birthday...instead he wanted a cookie cake and he wanted me to make it. So I did just that and he loved it. :D

Sheet Cake Anyone?

It seems that the most popular cake is generally the sheet cake. Here are several sheet cakes I have made so far. The first picture of the napkin is what I was given to make a cake for a bridal shower, in return I came up with the cake after the napkin. I thought it turned out really cute and matched up really well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is the first cake I made for someone other than in my family! It was a very exciting day for me and a HUGE success, she has come back for MANY cakes since that!


Thomas the Train

I was very excited when my cousin asked me about making a cake for her son. She said the only thing he wanted was Thomas face on a cake. It was so cute to see his sweet face when he saw his cake. He wanted to kiss it!! How sweet is that?

Just for fun!

Here are some cakes I've made for fun with some cupcakes my husband helped me make for his kindergarteners he had last year.