Saturday, August 28, 2010


A friend of mines little girl Sydney is into Barbie. So for her birthday last month she wanted a Barbie party. I really didn't want to do the traditional Barbie skirt cake so I took her invitation which was covered in dots, shoes, pocketbooks and a pair of sunglasses to pick out the decorations for the cake. I figured what better way to celebrate Barbie than with her accessories. I added a few flowers to the cake and sat miss Barbie on top and here is how it turned out! I thougth it looked so good with the table cloth that went with her decorations, the colors matched perfect and I think little Syd was excited about all the new shoes and accessories she had for her Barbie dolls. This cake was SO much fun for me!! When I was young I was a huge Barbie fan and I still have all the Holiday Barbies my grandmother use to buy me (ok lets be honest, I still have all the Barbies I ever had). It made me want to be 10 again, I actually sent a picture message to my bestfriend and asked her if she was ready to play Barbies again! Oh to be little again...haha!

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