Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anyone up for some Sports?

My next adventure was for my brothers cake. I made my youngest brother a basketball cake. That was interesting as well. Now that i had all my recipes down and textures and all that good stuff it was time to stack one cake onto another.... Needless to say I did learn a lot again. It turned out to be a sucess and it looked really cute! My oldest brother LOVES the Cowboys and had told me that he wanted a helmet cake with them on it! Mission accomplished!! He loved his cake and I was extremely happy with how it turned out! The next sports cake I made was for a friends son. He likes the Patriots and the only way I knew how to incorporate them was edible art...that was a learning process as well. It can be tricky but it reallly set his cake off. Not only did I accomplish this but they wanted the football to be standing up like it had been thrown that way. I used "rice cake" (aka rice krispy treats) for the football that way it would be able to stand up and wouldn't be too heavy! I then made a soccer cake. It was an interesting process as i tried to get the pattern just right, in the end it all matched up and turned out perfect. My next sports themed cake was a golf cake. It was one of my favorite cakes so far, it was a challenge and that was fun. I also was able to just go with what I thought and that always makes it fun. I made it for one of my favorite customers! Don't get me wrong now I love all of my customers, everytime I have one and get to make a cake for someone I thank God and feel so blessed to be chosen for the occassion; but this one keeps coming back and always trust me to figure out what will work for the occasion she is needing a cake for! The golf bag was so cute in the end and I was excited to hear what her son thought of the cake.

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