Monday, July 26, 2010

How I Started

I started making cakes simply by the Grace of
God. I have always enjoyed baking, I enjoy the
whole process and my very favorite part is the
end process and seeing the finished product. I got this love from my grandmother. She was the best baker I've ever known and I always enjoyed helping her in the kitchen. She sure knew her stuff. I cherish the recipes she gave me and this talent that I believe I got from her.
We had a function at church and I made my double
fudge chocolate coca-cola cake. It was a big hit
to say the least! My Pastor enjoyed it so much
he asked me if I would make one for him for
Thanksgiving to share with his family. I agreed
and he also sold several for me and I also sold several to people at the church. $5.00 of every cake went to the building fund at church. After all that I decided to make my sons birthday cake for his 1st birthday. I figured why not. I made him a dino cake and his own personal cake as well. It was also a hit and from there I started making cakes for different people for different occasions. I give God all the glory for my gift. Without him blessing me with this talent it would not be possible.

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